Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking

Program Design


In the Background Research section you assessed the resources available to address your program goal and considered some of the challenges. Now that you have identified the critical components of your program you can create a detailed budget to help ensure that you have adequate resources to carry it out.

A budget worksheet can help you identify all of the components of your program that will need to be addressed. The Resources Sidebar includes a link to a downloadable budget worksheet template to help facilitate this important step in program design.

When completing your budget worksheet, pay special attention to the personnel skills (both yours and those of your partners) required for program implementation and evaluation. Some additional training might be necessary.

 Potential program costs to consider for inclusion in your budget:

    • Personnel;
    • Training (evaluation team, project implementers, champions, teachers);
    • Material design and production (website, posters, scripts, manuals);
    • Travel (where appropriate);
    • Project materials or curricula;
    • Translation fees (where needed);
    • Physical space;
    • Technology needed to implement or deliver the program;
    • Equipment and supplies;
    • Evaluation (external is preferable);
    • Communications or media to disseminate report and findings.

Remember that many resources may be available as in-kind contributions from potential partners, which can help keep costs down.

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